Remove space between pages 編集

Thank you for deploying the patch. Although the size of the space between pages was reduced by around 0.3em, we still have to shift 0.7em to the left to adjust it. So the problem does not seem to be completely resolved. --CES1596 (トーク) 2018年6月7日 (木) 21:30 (UTC)返信[返信]

CES1596 can you show me an example of it? Are you sure it doesn't depend on some CSS rules? Candalua (トーク) 2018年6月8日 (金) 09:37 (UTC)返信[返信]
Please see 西洋哲學史/上卷 for example, in which a template ns (NoSpace) to remove the space is used, or zh:夜航船 in Chinese Wikisource, in which no such template is used. --CES1596 (トーク) 2018年6月8日 (金) 12:03 (UTC)返信[返信]
CES1596: on the zh page I don't see any space between page 2 and page 3. And on the ja page, the only space I see is the   inserted by Template:Ns, if I remove that the text looks fine... --Candalua (トーク) 2018年6月8日 (金) 12:51 (UTC)返信[返信]
I confirmed that the problem in zh pages is now fixed. However, no change is observed in ja pages. --CES1596 (トーク) 2018年6月8日 (金) 13:37 (UTC)返信[返信]
I confirmed that ja pages are also fixed after purging cache several times. Thank you for your assistance. --CES1596 (トーク) 2018年6月8日 (金) 18:48 (UTC)返信[返信]