タグ: 一斉メッセージ配信
タグ: 一斉メッセージ配信
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== Wikisource Pagelist Widget: Wikisource Meetup (29th September 2020) ==
Hello everyone,
We hope you are doing well!
We reached out to you a couple of weeks ago to share that '''[[:meta:Wikisource Pagelist Widget|Wikisource Pagelist Widget]]''' is now ready to be enabled to Wikisource. Since then, many language Wikisources have enabled the widget but many are yet to do so.
So, we have decided to organize a Wikisource Meetup to give a live demonstration on how to use the widget in both wikitext and visual modes. There will be some time for the participants to share their feedback and experience with the widget. We will also provide support in case some Wikisource communities are seeking help in enabling the widget.
The meetup will take place on '''29 September 2020''' at '''9:30 AM UTC''' or '''3 PM IST'''. Google Meet link for the meeting is: '''http://meet.google.com/khu-dfph-qsd'''
Looking forward to seeing the global Wikisource community connect amid these difficult times when physical meetings have not been taking place.
''P.S. If you are planning to attend this meetup and are comfortable in sharing your email address then send us your confirmation in the form of a small email to '''sgill@wikimedia.org''', this will help us in getting a sense of the number of people that are planning to show-up. We are aware that this time-zone is not convenient for everyone and more meetups can be organized in the future.''
[[:meta:User:Sohom data|Sohom]], [[:meta:User:SWilson (WMF)|Sam]] and [[:metaUser:SGill (WMF)|Satdeep]]
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